Who is Ciara?


I'm so glad to have you here at my blog seeing what I'm up to. 

For those of you who don't know me, I'm a thirty something teacher who lives in Turkey.  When I'm not teaching or traveling around the world, I love to read, sew, bake, and ski-- and I sometimes do more than one of these things at a time!

I try to keep things interesting and I tend to teach myself to do things.  If you stick around here long enough, you will see me start a new project and slowly get better at it.  I like to have projects that allow me to see exactly what I'm doing wrong so that I can see results as I learn how to fix things.  I don't know what that means about me exactly.

I welcome your comments or questions about the things I show you on the blog, the books I talk about, or whatever is on your mind. 

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