My Favorite Things

Here is a list of things I love as I think of them:

1. This site is where I have found the best gifts for people.  Some of the really cool things I have found include a silk scarf printed with the image of a classic typewriter for a friend who met her NaNoWriMo goal, a mini harmonica with my last name on it to make traveling more interesting, and some awesome fabric scraps from one of the many creative people who make clothing on the site.  I have also seen some of the most interesting screen print t-shirts here as well as niche gifts for BSG or Doctor Who fans.

2. Schweitzer Mountain--  This is my favorite place to ski: end of story.

3. The Nook Simple Touch, from Barnes and Noble--  Being far form home means in my case that I am far form English language book stores.  Thanks to a loophole in the wi-fi instant upload technology, I can buy books from the states and get them instantly on my Nook as long as I have a wireless connection.  I love it.  I take it with me everywhere.  I'm trying to get my school on board with an eReader for the students.  I thought I'd miss the feel of pages, but I think the eInk is better than real ink to read.  I still have print books for those minutes on a plane when all electronics must be off, but the Nook has a place in my heart for sure. (Update: March 1, 2012-- I still love the Nook!  It has proved to be a champion during travel, on the train, and at home.  I love it so much that I am trying to get eReaders of some sort in the school where I work for the students.)

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