Barcelona, Spain, Fall 2014

We've just returned from a trip to Spain.  Here are some of the highlights for you.

Dancer out side of the art museum.

One of the many cathedrals that we walked through.

The cafe life is a hard life

Fountain I liked...

... and the face that made me like it!

The inside of the door that led to our place.
Looking up after going in our little door at the houses.

The Arch De Triumph for Barcelona

The inside of one of Gaudi's designs...

... and the outside of that same building.

The massive cathedral that is still under construction: La Sagrada Familia.

A lovely fountain in the nearby park.

We were excited to see that it had water in it...

...because we normally go to Europe in the dead of winter for the Christmas markets.

Adam with a beer-stach.

Again, enjoying the cafe life.

The square we sat looking at.

Overall, a good trip.


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