Love My Amy Butler Skirt

I broke down and bought the Amy Butler a-line skirt pattern.  I didn't want to because her stuff is all so expensive (15.95 for the pattern!), but I saw it on a web site from a store in Spokane, The Top Stitch, and loved it!  In fact, now that I look at the picture on the home page again, I think I used the same fabric that one of the samples uses. 

I've had this length of fabric for over a year.  I gout it knowing I wanted to make it into clothes, but not sure what that would be.  The process started with some major ironing to get the set in wrinkles out.

Then I laid out the pattern (just two pieces for this skirt) and cut it out of the fabric and the lining fabric.

I've worn it once and really love it.  In fact, I made a second one out of the left over dark brown Kona that I had from binding Kari's quilt.  The chocolate brown is going to be for work, and this one is for play.

I also need to show you the inside of this skirt.  With the surger and the sewing machine, I think it looks really nice on the inside too!

 I used some binding tape to hide the raw edge of the skirt material, but only serged the edge of the skirt lining.  I was not about to spend $25 bucks on surger thread to get some to match the lining, so I used the gray that I have.

The finished skirt falls just under my knee, and I'll get a shot next time I wear it so you can see.

I know the pattern is spendy, but if you are in need of a really good fitting skirt I can recommend this one with no reservations.


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