British Green

Many of you know that I like to make things for my husband to wear. This shirt is the latest in the "cool shirts my wife made me" line for Adam. It has been in the works for some time, and I'm glad to be done with it for now.

Here is how the shirt fronts start. I ended up cutting these pieces and doing all of the sewing twice. Why? Well, I had the damn thing nearly read, and Adam came home for a fitting before I sewed the body together. The first thing he said was, "You made me a girl's shirt.". I had made the front so it closed right over left, not left over right. F***!

I set to ripping out ever seam in the same breath, but was off to ballet rehearsal soon. Adam had all of the seams taken out by the time I got back from ballet. I was able to reuse the collar, pockets, front and back yoke, placard, and shirt back, but I had to re-cut the shirt fronts because they were the wrong size. As it was nearly 11 PM, that waited until the next morning.

By the time Adam got home from work on Friday I had the shirt back to where it was the previous day. He tried it on to make sure it was going to fit well, I zipped up the sides and arms, and then attached the cuffs.

There was a bit of an interlude as I made pork chops for dinner.

And the SNAPPING started. I don't know if you have ever put western snaps on a shirt, but it takes for FREAKING ever. This shirt has 16 snaps on it. From layout to completion took over two hours. That is about 7.5 minutes for every snap. I can sew buttons on by hand faster than that.

Here is a close up of the shirt front. The green thread is actually two different threads. One is polyester and one is rayon. Together they sit above the fabric nicely, where just one or the other sank into the fabric and was hard to see at all. I would not recommend sewing with two threads in the bobbin or on top unless they are the same material. I had many, many, thread breakages because the tension needed for each type of thread is different. The rayon thread kept shredding in the needle and I was forever re-threading or fixing the bobbin.

Some day I'll figure out how to take closeups without the frame getting all blurry. But that day is not today.

I think the cuffs are awesome.

Here is a view of the front. If I had a tag to sew into the collar, you'd think this was a high end shirt.

Adam from the back. Notice how nicely the shoulders fit and how nice the arm length is. Adam hates to have his picture taken. You would never know how happy he is to have this shirt by the look on his face here.

The British Racing Green (nearly) shirt is done.


  1. He looked much happier about it in person.

  2. I love it! I'm sorry the tension was wacko.

    For a close up that isn't fuzzy try exploring your Macro option on the camera settings. The icon most cameras use is a little flower. It tells the sensor you are really close to stuff - I've found it works better without a flash, so bring a light source!

    I told Dan I wasn't going to make him shirts. He said that was fine. Adam is so lucky to have you!


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