The Waffle Maker is Fixed

Today is Sunday. In the Johnson Harris household that means it's waffle and bacon day.

You may remember that last Sunday the waffle maker died. The handle broke off and lifting the lid off of the waffle became nearly impossible. Today I attempted to make waffles again with a "fixed" (Adam had tried to tighten the stripped out screws) maker. Nope. Waffle were made with difficulty and irritation.

After breakfast, Adam took the waffle maker with him to the garage. I assume he beat the offending screws into submission and taught them a lesson. When he came back the waffle maker was sporting two new screws that were improved with nuts holding them into the machine.

You can see the nuts in this picture. And can I just say that taking pictures of stainless steel is frustrating!

This fix cost $7.81. $7.00 for the Dremel bit to drill out the handle, and $.81 for the two new screws and nuts.

We will continue with our waffle Sundays for the foreseeable future.


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